How can I redeem points for my chosen charity?

TerraCycle points are credited to the accounts of private collectors and public drop-off point administrators as a reward for their collection efforts. The number of points given is determined by the total weight of the shipment. Check the specific programme page for how many points will be earned per shipment.

Once credited, the points can be redeemed as financial donations to the non-profit or school chosen by the owner of the points. The points must be redeemed on the TerraCycle website.

Your TerraCycle points may be redeemed directly to a non-profit or school of your choice. Please note, you must redeem a minimum of 3500 TerraCycle points, or $35.

  1. Log in to your TerraCycle account
  2. Click on the icon in the top right corner and choose Profile from the drop down menu, then click on Redeem my points under the My points heading on the left of the Profile page
  3. Click on View all charities and search for a non-profit or school of your choice.  Select Redeem and enter the number of points to redeem

Please note, if your chosen non-profit or school is not already in our system, you will need to add them first. Instructions can be found here.

Payments to non-profits and schools are made twice per year.

If you redeem your points between 1 November and 30 April, TerraCycle will endeavour to pay your nominated non-profit or school in June.

If you redeem your Points between 1 May and  31 October, TerraCycle will endeavour to pay your nominated non-profit or school in January.

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