How can I recycle for free with TerraCycle?

You can use our free recycling programmes! Join as many as you like to make an even better impact on our planet. The brands we work with sponsor the recycling of a particular type of waste so you can recycle waste which would otherwise go to landfills.

Once you know what you would like to recycle and which recycling programme it is accepted by, you can:

1. Drop off your recycling off at a public drop-off point

Simply go to the programme page and click on the interactive map to find your nearest public drop-off point. A TerraCycle account is not required; just be sure to check the opening hours before you visit.

2. Set up your own public drop-off point

If there are no public drop-off points near you, you can set up your own. This way you’ll be able to collect lots of recycling from your community and earn TerraCycle points (when your parcel meets the minimum weight requirement) that you can redeem as donations to the schools, charities and non-profits of your choice! You can learn more here.

3. Collect at home as a private collector

To become a TerraCycle collector, please click here to create an account. Once you have filled in your registration details, you’re ready to join our free recycling programmes

4. In store drop-off

Some of our programmes are available for in store drop-off only. Simply collect your recycling, then find your closest participating store and drop your empty products off to be recycled.

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